Master-Dent Topical Anesthetic


Master-Dent® Topical Anesthetic is a rapid-acting, long-lasting gel with no systemic absorption. The benzocaine provides temporary relief of pain and discomfort during procedures, including local anesthetic injections, periodontal curettage, impression taking, scaling, intra-oral radiographs, root planing and prophylaxis. The gel comforts patients with ulcers, wounds or other minor mouth irritations. Master-Dent® Topical Anesthetic has no bitter aftertaste and is now available in four great-tasting flavors.


- Rapid 30 second action
- 4 great flavors
- No bitter aftertaste

  47-149   Bubble Gum, 1 Oz. (30 ml)
  47-150   Mint, 1 Oz. (30ml)
  47-151   Cherry, 1Oz. (30ml)
  47-152   Strawberry, 1Oz. (30ml)