Master-Dent Temporary Cement

Non-Eugenol (NE), Non-Eugenol Extra Strength (XS), With Eugenol (ZOE)


Master-Dent® Temporary Cements are mild zinc oxide based temporary crown and bridge cements, that offer good retention of the temporary prosthesis and yet making it easy to remove. There is good marginal seal which minimizes sensitivity. Temporary Cement (NE) and Temporary Cement (XS), are both without eugenol and are therefore compatible with provisional resin restorations, resin core materials, permanent cements and adhesives. Temporary Cement (XS) offers a stronger alternative (69MPa compared to 49MPa with NE and ZOE formulations) in cases where extended service time is indicated, such as with implants.


- Superb marginal seal minimizes sensitivity
- Easy removal of excess from around the margins
- Good retention yet easy removal of the temporary prosthesis
- Non-eugenol versions are compatible with other resin-based dental materials
- Low solubility in oral fluids

  10-928   With Eugenol (ZOE) 7ml Automix Syringe w/tips
  10-922   Non-Eugenol (NE) 7 ml Automix Syrenge w/tips
  10-920   Non-Eugenol Extra Strenght 5g Syr Part A. 5g syringe Part B, Spatulas, Mixing Pad
  10-932   Non-Eugenol Extra Strenght (XS) 7ml Automix Syringe w/tips
  10-827   Brown Mixing Tips 50/bag