Master-Fil NANO

Nanohybrid Light Cure Universal Composite


Master-Fil™ NANO is a nanohybrid light cure composite containing a state-of-the-art nano-filler system. It is indicated for direct esthetic restoration of anterior and posterior teeth and can be used in all classes of direct dental restorations, Class I, II, III, IV and V. Its high viscosity prevents the material sticking to hand instruments, yet offers sufficient flow to adapt to the walls of the cavity preparation. Master-Fil™ NANO is radiopaque and combines high compressive and flexural strengths with low water uptake.


- Direct aesthetic restoration of anterior and posterior teeth
- Proprietary state-of-the-art nano-filler system
- High viscosity resists sticking to instruments
- Sufficient flow adapts to cavity wall
- High compressive and flexural strength
- Low water sorption
- Radiopaque

  Refill Syringes   Capsules
  19-501   Shade A1 (Refill 4.5g)
  19-502   Shade A2 (Refill 4.5g)
  19-503   Shade A3 (Refill 4.5g)
  19-504   Shade A3.5 (Refill 4.5g)
  19-506   Shade B2 (Refill 4.5g)
  19-501-C   Shade A1 (20 x 0.25g)
  19-502-C   Shade A2 (20 x 0.25g)
  19-503-C   Shade A3 (20 x 0.25g)
  19-504-C   Shade A3.5 (20 x 0.25g)
  19-506-C   Shade B2 (20 x 0.25g)