Ultimate SE Bond


Master-Dent® Ultimate™ SE Bond is a one bottle, light cured, self etching bonding agent that features ease of use and highly durable bonds with reduced procedure times as well as optimal desensitization. Boasting a shear bond strength of 37MPa to dentin and enamel, Master-Dent® Ultimate™ SE Bond is compatible with all light cured composites, compomers and cements and is indicated for Class I, III, IV, V and VI restorations as well as composite repairs. Ideal for root surface desensitization and for pediatric procedures that require reduced treatment time.


- Direct Light Cure Composite/Compomer restorations
- Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restorations
- Treatment of hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces
- Intraoral repairs of fractured facing crowns made of porcelain,hybrid ceramics or composite resin using light-curing
- Surface treatment of prosthetic appliances made of porcelain, hybrid ceramics and cured composite resin

  19-280   5ml Bottle