Master-Dent Green Gel Etch


Master-Dent® Green Gel Etch offers a sophisticated 37% phosphoric acid formulation containing wetting agents, easily soluble thickeners and FDA certified dye. It is easy to apply and to control etched areas, as well as easy to rinse off. Dispensing system is precise and simple, thus preventing the possibility of contamination and waste. The economy size 12 gram package is priced to allow substantial savings and the 60 gram saves even more.


- 37% Phosphoric Acid Formula
- More viscous than blue shade
- Accurate placement through friction grip tips
- 12g or 60g syringe available

  18-100   12g Syringe with clear straight plastic tips
  18-199   Straight plastic tips for 18-100 (50pkg)
  18-200   Angled plastic tips for 18-100 (50pkg)
  18-114   12g Syringe (luer-lock) with 20 blue luer-lock tips
  18-105   60g Syringe, 5 empty 3ml syringes, 20 black luer-lock needle tips