Master-Dent No-Mix Orthodontic Bracket Adhesive


Master-Dent® No-Mix Orthodontic Bracket Adhesive Kit gives the operator the convenience and security of virtually unlimited working time. This no-mix system reduces the possibility of errors and eliminates the sources of inconsistencies found in the performance of common self-cure adhesives. The application is extremely simple and fast, resulting in substantial chair-time savings. Delayed cure permits the operator to correct the positions of the brackets up to 20 seconds after placement. Only 4 minutes after placement the brackets are ready for wire attachment.


- Strong adhesion to ceramic, metal, or plastic brackets
- Primer activated no-mix bonding system
- Viscous tacky resin handles easily and eliminates bracket flotation
- Archwires can be bonded after just 4 minutes

  27-500   5g syringe Paste, 6g Primer, 6ml Etch,
  Brushes, Brush Holder, Spatula