Plastic Impression Trays


Master-Dent® Plastic Impression Trays are strong and rigid, made of high impact polystyrene with smooth edges. Fourteen different trays available featuring perforations for locking in the impression. Enhances flow and retention. Each package contains 12 trays


- Smooth edges to avoid tissue damage
- Superior flow and retention
- Perforated and solid formats
- Insert table [See table in current catalog for item numbers and descriptions

  PERFORATED (12 per pkg)
  25-112   #1 large upper perforated
  25-212   #2 large lower perforated
  25-312   #3 medium upper perforated
  25-412   #4 medium lower perforated
  25-512   #5 smaller upper perforated
  25-612   #6 small lower perforated
  25-712P   #7 upper left/lower right perforated
  25-812P   #8 upper right/lower left perforated
  25-912P   #9 upper anterior perforated
  26-012P   #10 lower anterior perforated
  NON-PERFORATED (SOLID) (12 per pkg)
  26-112   #7 upper left/lower right solid
  26-212   #8 upper left/lower left solid
  26-312   #9 upper anterior solid
  26-412   #10 lower anterior solid