Why Dentonics?

In an increasingly globalized industry, you need a reliable partner

USA manufactured products

In an increasingly globalized industry, cost efficiencies are easily made by sourcing materials from cheaper markets. But that often compromises quality and gains are only short-term. Dentonics has always believed that our USA made products deliver the value that our customers want and we remain committed to that philosophy.

Privately owned and managed

Dentonics is a well established, debt-free company, that is privately owned and managed. Decisions are taken by a compact, efficient management team that offers over 45 years combined experience in the US and international dental industry. Our detailed market knowledge and commitment to help you grow your business is what drives our ability to offer superior service and quick decisions. With Dentonics, you can expect a loyal and supportive manufacturing partner who wants to create mutual growth and an enjoyable business culture.

A wide product range under one brand

Our Master-Dent® distributors benefit from a wide range of materials that meet the daily requirements of the modern dental professional. Restoratives, temporary materials, cements and liners, preventives, endodontic, orthodontic, whitening, impression materials – Dentonics can reduce your shipping costs and streamline your inventory by supplying all your material needs from one source. We have modeled much of our range so that you can compete on quality and price with multinational brands.

So why not contact us today and see how Dentonics can drive your business forward?

Contact us today to speak with us about our product range and show you how we can help your business grow with Master-Dent® Go to our contact page or mail us at sales@dentonics.com and we will direct you to one of our three regional offices.